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Lamborghini Bahrain: Absolute Driving Experience

(Bahrain, 22 March 2023) Lamborghini Bahrain - Behbehani Brothers W.L.L, in collaboration with Lamborghini Club Bahrain, organized a track event on March 15th where drivers got the opportunity to experience the full power of the Lamborghini range of supercars at the Bahrain International Circuit.

The event will started at 9:00 am with a drivers' briefing, followed by a series of exclusive track sessions, where Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts from Bahrain pushed their high-performance machines to the limit under the guidance of experienced professional drivers. In addition to the thrill of driving on the track, participants also got the chance to do laps in the the Huracán STO as well as go on a road tour with the Urus S and the New Urus Performante. 

"We are thrilled to be partnering with the Lamborghini Club Bahrain to bring this unique event to Bahrain," said the spokesperson for Lamborghini Bahrain. "The event offers a great opportunity for drivers to experience the full potential of their Lamborghini supercars, as well as to meet fellow enthusiasts and share their passion for Lamborghini."

Over 60 drivers participated in the this daylong event to meet fellow enthusiasts, network, and learn more about the latest advancements in Lamborghini technology and design. Lamborghini Bahrain also conducted on-site service clinic for customers to make sure their vehicles are ready for the track.


The New Bentayga EWB Launched In Bahrain With An Artistic Twist

(Bahrain, 21 March 2023) Bentley Bahrain - Behbehani Brothers W.L.L, revealed the New Bentley Bentayga Extended Wheel Base at the Bentley Showroom in Sitra. The event was a spectacular celebration of luxury and style, featuring the latest and most luxurious SUV from Bentley. Bentley Bahrain showcased Annada designs in a fashion show during the launch to celebrate art and support the local talent as part of Bentley's Extraordinary Women initiative. Over 150 people attended the exclusive event including some of the most renowned local artists, celebrities and the Bentley customers.

ANNADA is a Bahrain-based brand that is famous for its unique fusion of art and fashion designs. Founded in 2011, ANNADA collaborates with international artists to curate artworks into luxurious pieces, primarily Abayas and scarves. They are committed to ethical and sustainable production, and they support socially responsible initiatives. Nada Alawi and Noor Alawi, the founders of ANNADA, continue to bring innovative and artistic designs to the fashion industry and have gained a reputation for their distinctive style not only on the island of Bahrain but around other GCC countries.

"In ANNADA what we love to do is transform art into fashion and lifestyle pieces and our main purpose is to give people happiness through art" Nada Alawi.

"We are thrilled to offer our customers in Bahrain the latest and most luxurious car from Bentley," said Mr. Colin Sattar, the new General Manager of Bentley Bahrain. "The Bentayga EWB is the perfect vehicle for those who demand the highest levels of luxury and style, and we are proud to be collaborating with the Annada to bring this amazing vehicle to our customers of Bahrain."


Bentley Bahrain Hosts The Bentley Track Experience

(Bahrain, 21 March 2023) Bentley Bahrain hosted a thrilling two-day Bentley Track Experience at the Bahrain International Circuit on the 19th and 20th of March 2023. The stunning event saw participants take part in a range of awe-inspiring driving experiences with the latest range of Bentley models, including the Continental GT, Flying Spur, Bentayga S, and newly launched Bentayga EWB.

During the two-day event, Bentley enthusiasts got an exclusive opportunity to experience the full potential of their Bentley vehicles in a safe and controlled environment. Professional instructors were on hand to provide personalized coaching to participants, ensuring they got the best experience they possibly could on the track.


The Bahrain International Circuit is known for its exceptional facilities and state-of-the-art track layout. The event showcased the performance, craftsmanship, and luxury that defines Bentley. The participants had an unforgettable time, where they explored the capabilities of the high-performance Bentleys in a controlled, supervised environment. Around 50 participants got the opportunity to drive a range of Bentley models and experience first-hand the performance, comfort, and luxury these vehicles offer.


Commenting on the success of the event, Mr. Colin Sattar, the General Manager of Bentley Bahrain said, "We are proud to have hosted such an outstanding event, and it was a pleasure to see the delight on every participant's face as they drove our latest range of exhilarating models. The Bentley Track Experience was more than just about driving, but an excellent networking platform, participants had the opportunity to meet like-minded Bentley enthusiasts and share the excitement driving a Bentley offers."


Jeep Bahrain & Bahrain Jeepers attend Zil Zal event at Bahrain International Circuit

Behbehani Brothers hosted a Meet & Greet event for the Bahrain Jeepers at Jeep Showroom, Sitra on 10th Feb 2023. The event marks the new chapter of association with Bahrain Jeepers community & the Jeep brand. The club members had a parade drive from the Jeep showroom to Bahrain International Circuit to attend the 6th Annual Car Meet event ZIL ZAL


Behbehani Brothers conducts First Aid Training sessions

BLS (Basic Life Support) & emergency awareness skills are essential learning for any individual as it helps to save lives in a medical emergency. Behbehani Brothers conducted a basic first-aid training for staff covering CPR and AED with a mixture of theory and practical learning. Our staff completed the first aid courses not only with the necessary certificate, but also with the confidence to use their skills, should the need ever arise.




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